For being overcast yesterday and East winds a few boats went out.  I seen one with 6 steelhead SW of the harbour 60ft of water fishing up high, like top 15ft. Other boats were fishing West by the rifle range in 30ft of water using body baits and catching a few walleyes.



Well its the weekend, some boats have been picking a few Walleyes West of the harbour.  They say they have been running bodybaits back 100ft off the planner boards, no one colour has been working. The water temp is coming up so more fish will be coming soon.



Thursday night fishing has started. The boys caught 6 steelhead and 4 walleyes, SW at the horseshoe, on the 20m line.  Riggers down 10ft with Jerry Lee, 3 colour leadcore off the plannerboards, and long A bombers took some fish.