Fishing was very good yesterday, still out at the horseshoe (215 deg SW) and some guys trolling east of the horseshoe and getting them. Dark purples and spoons with white seem to be the ticket. Fish are fairly deep 35-45 feet down. Overall, successful first weekend of the derby.


Prize board:

Salmon/rainbow: 7.92lbs Don Tomlinson

Walleye: 8.74lbs Jason Bernard


Junior board:

Salmon/rainbow: 6.08lbs R.J Kuiper

Walleye: 5.80lbs J.R Sholdice


Sheephead: 7.88lbs Keith Jackson

Silverbass: NO entry

Daily draw: Gary Pook



Yesterday was a good day on the water, although the wind came up in the afternoon. Everyone I talked to was still fishing out at the horseshoe ( 215 degs until 60ft of water) I am hearing spoons with white on them are working well. The fish are still in the 30 to 40 range.

Prize Board

Salmon/Rainbow: 7.92 Donny Tomlinson

Pickerel/Walley 8.74 Jason Bernard

Jr Prizes

Salmon/Rainbow 4.50 Cameran Desjardins

Pickerel/Walleye 5.80lb JR Sholdice

Sheephead 6.22 Darrel Paine

Silver Bass

Daily Prize: Karen Tomlinson



Everything is the same fishing 210 deg to 60 ft of water, fish are down around the 35ft range.


Prize Board

Salmon/Rainbow: 7.46lb Troy Wilcox

Pickerel/Walley 7.66lb Brad Kuglin

Jr Prizes

Salmon/Rainbow 3.58lb Lia Farrell

Pickerel/Walleye 5.80lb JR Sholdice


Silver Bass

Daily Prize: Steve Kuglin