Well they found the fish just East of the piers, about 1 mile. So go straight out to 50ft of water and troll East to the white stake at the Point of Pins. Downriggers 30ft down and dipsys back 60ft on a 2 setting. The fish were between the Light House and the White Stake.



The boats all went around the Point of Pins today, they’re getting a mixed bag of Pickerel and Walleye with some good size to them lately. They’re fishing in 50-65 feet of water with spoons down 30-40 feet. The fish are hitting on Mini Streak spoons of all colours especially green and pink.



Fishing was good again yesterday, they all headed West out towards the horse shoe (230 deg, 5 miles).  It seemed they caught more steelhead than walleyes, and still running the same program.