So the fishing is still the same. Lots and Lots of Walleyes, same spot SE out to the rockline and trolling in 65ft of water, running the dipsys back 120ish on a 2 setting and riggers down around the 40ft range.  They have picked up a few steelhead, I mean a few, like 1 or 2 per boat.



It is going to be a great weekend for fishing, and they are still catching lots of Walleye. Best is SE to the Rockline and set up there and trolling South out in to deeper water. Still Running the same program as all summer. We just received a load of dispys and some spoons this week!!!



Well how many times can I say nothing has changed… They are still catching lots of Walleyes SE to 60ft of water (about 5 miles), and running same program as all summer. Some are running 190 deg South out to the tip of the RockLine (about 15 miles) and catching a few Steelhead and still getting their limit of Walleyes.