Sorry for not posting, but the weather last week was not every good as no one went out.  I talked to one boat that went out yesterday and took 4 walleyes east off the white stake in 60ft of water.  Today there is about 4 or 5 boats out so I hope to get a better report.



The charters and a few others boats were out today and did OK, the catches were 6 to 14 fish all walleyes.  They were fishing 230deg SW of Erieau just inside of the rockline.  Hotlips back 180ft was working the best, riggers down around the 50ft mark and dipsys back 150ft on 3 setting.



It seems that the fish are coming in larger in sizes with a good mix of walleye and steelhead. The program we’ve been running is heading S/SW out of the harbour starting at 55ft of water and running the dipsy divers at 140ft on a 3 setting and 110ft on a 1 setting. Also, HotLips back 160ft.