The boats are coming in with lots of Steelhead and Walleyes today. Still running out to the same spot 07/55 middle two numbers. Which is on the west side of the rockline. Dipsys and Rggers were working well fishing down around the 40ft mark.



Just talked to a boat that is out there fishing today and is doing really good considering the weather.  They are still about 200deg South of the harbour middle two 07/59, good numbers of steelhead and a few walleye mixed in.  Dipsys back 100 on a 1 setting, 140ft back on 3 setting and riggers down 37 and 40ft. The wind looks good for the weekend, so lets get out there.



They found some Steelhead with the odd Walleye 200deg South out to the Rockline, setting up and trolling South.  The Charters did well there they were running dipsys 100 ft back on a 1 and 140ft on a 3 setting and the rigger down around the 50ft mark. Black and Purple with silver backs were working the best today.