As I have said, the fishing is the best it has ever been. They are catching them on dipsys and riggers ,I think they are a little deeper 25ft to 50ft down, no colour is hotter than the other.


July 1st

Salmon: King 10.31Lb 31in  Jan Graves

Pickerel: 10.28lbs 30 1/2 in Doug Schoonjans

JR: Board

Salmon: No Entry

Pickerel: 6.77lbs 28in Kayden Nevills

Sheephead: 9.13lb Dave Neuts –  Ralphs Brother.

SilverBass : 1.67lbs  15in  Chris Rehner

Daily Draw: Bob Schniedercochner



The Walleye fishing is great, still the same program,start fishing in 45ft of water and on out to 60ft. From straight out and  to the East. off the Point of Pins. Dipsys back 110 on a 3  rigger down around 35ft.


June 30th

Salmon: No Entry

Pickerel: 9.16lbs 29 1/2in   Troy Wilcox

JR: Board

Salmon: No Entry

Pickerel: 3.66lbs 23 1/2  Jesse Harrison

Sheephead: No Entry

SilverBass : 1.67lbs   Kevin Cheetham

Daily Draw: Larry Johnston.



One more sleep until the Derby starts, and the fishing is Fantastic. Everyone has been doing well on the Walleyes, even I got out last night.  We started 40ft of water South of the Lighthouse and trolled East to the White stake at the Point of Pins, never getting into 50ft of water.  Riggers were working well 33ft down, dipsys staring 80 back on a 2 setting 100 back on a 3 setting. Fire Lizard, UV Rainbow Goose and UV Wild Goose work the best. We took 30 Walleyes in two hours, that is good fishing.