The weather hasn’t been the best but the fishing has been great! With the recent high winds, fishing has been picking up especially for pickerel just off of the point in about 65-70 feet of water which is about 4-5 miles out just at the rock line and SW of the channel to the same depth which is about 10-12 miles on a bearing of 220 where you will get more of a variety of pickerel and steelhead going over both sides of the rock line. Dipsy depth is the same as it has been at 80 feet back on a 1 and 100 feet back on a 3. Riggers are set between 35 and 40 feet. The hot spoon colours are the pink and copper back spoons that have a purple or orange front. Hotlips are still being placed about 100 feet out.



The fishing has been really good, the boats are running West  230 degs for about 10 miles out over the rockline.  The middle two numbers are 06/06, which is 68ft of water.  They are running Riggers down around the 35ft maker, dipsy back 80 on a one 100 on a 3setting, Off the planner boards they are running 40 jets back 125ft, and hotlpis back100ft.  Copper and purple seem to be the best colours yesterday.   Some boats are heading South 170 degs out to the Rockline and trolling out along the rockline, there are doing good also, running the same program.



The weather is hot and so is the fishing! The fish seem to be within the same location about 10 miles straight out from the channel at a bearing of 170-180 or if you are interested more so for steelhead, go out the same distance only head out more SE of the channel at a bearing of about 140, just past the rock line.Be sure to have your dipsys set at about 80 on a 1 setting and 120 on a 3 setting, or about 35-40 feet of depth.Spoon colours seem to be consistent as pink, purple, and orange with copper and pink backs seem to be working well. The hot lips at about 100 -150 feet back seem to be the best body bait as more pickerel seem to be getting caught! 40 Jet divers are working good as well at about 120 feet back from the planar boards. Leadcore is the same as locals have 5-10 colours set out.