Well the steelhead are on the move, with this North wind it will push the cold water out. The walleyes are still there, we set up about 1.5 miles from the lighthouse and trolled out to 50ft and then East towards the Point of Pins, and took fish all the way down. We did catch 3 steelhead and lost 3.



The fishing was good again yesterday, the steelhead move a bit West, so they were running straight out 190 deg to 49, 50ft of water.  The boat were coming in with good numbers like 10 steelhead and 15 walleyes, the charters all did very well.



Well looks like the wind is going to be down for the next few days and the Steelhead are here. They are fishing SE of the Lighthouse about 2 miles in 45 ft of water, the charters all did great yesterday, some even had limits of both. Seems like everything is working well, from 10 jets to riggers down around 30ft.