The wind is supposed to be coming from the North for the next few days so the bay will be choppy. The walleye seem to still all be west of the harbour; trolling towards Dealtown or even further that way at 30-40 ft depth is your best bet.



Not much has changed these past couple days, they’re still catching perch and crappie in the bay off the Erieau shore. The walleye are just starting to move in, we need a bit more warm weather for them to get going. We will post updates once we hear more.



It’s still early in the season but there are fish biting. Lots of perch have been caught from the South shore of the bay and further out in the water. Minnows seem to be what’s working best for the perch. Pickerel have been hit or miss with some boats bringing in a few and others coming up empty. We will continue to provide fishing updates for the 2017 season as the water warms up.