Water is beginning to get pretty choppy by the sounds of it this morning. Report is that there were a few boats at the same East location, and catching some steelhead and a few walleyes.  Some boats are saying to move into 65ft of water. The trick is if you catch some mark that spot and fish it.




Yep there are steelhead out East, head out 95degs until 73ft over water. We took a king 14lbs and a coho also last night, riggers down 50 to 55ft with JerryLee and dipsyes back 180ft on a 3 setting. There is lots of bait there, but we found if you catch a couple mark it and fish that spot.

fish 004



Hey someone just come in and said they picked up 10 steelhead and a walleye 95degs  East 77ft of water (about 11 miles) They were fishing 55ft down on the riggers and 180 back on the dipsyes and colour did not matter.