Well we had a boat go out yesterday and caught a walleye West off Dealtown.  Not much going on still a little cold.  They also caught some perch in the bay last Sunday after dinner up behind the fall hall, not a lot but enough for dinner. It will not be long and the fish will get moving.



Well it has been a long winter, we are getting the store ready with all the new stock, come on in and have a look. They started to catch some crappies over in Shrewsbury, not sure what cut they were in.



Just taking to a few boats that came in and they all did well again today. Still fishing the same spot  middle two 44/13 East of the Piont on the rockline.  Running the same program driggers down around 30feet, dipsys back 80 to 100ft on a 1 setting, and they are still catching a few walleyes off Hotlips back 150ft.