Very thing is the same , steelhead to the East 90 deg, and walleyes 220degs South.  I heard the East there were using 40jets back 130ft with spoons, and dipsys back 130ft on a 3.



The fish were biting today, East 90deg around the Point in 60ft of water the stealhead are in there, and the odd King. Riggers down 35to 44ft, dipsys back 130ft on a 3 setting and 40 jets back 150ft, pink and blue seem to be the best out there. As for Walleyes you can head out 240deg to the horse shoe, same kinda program out there, but alot more junk fish.


Erieau King
Here is a picture of the King I caught yesterday fishing out of your marina.
It was 17 pounds when I caught it.
My name is Frank Walker and I live in Plymouth, Michigan


Hey we get to go fishing today, looks like the boats are running East to the Point. There is some really cold water in there, like 55deg surface. I will post as soon as the boats start coming in.