Well they are still catching a lot of walleyes, the charters are Rock’n. Fishing straight out of the harbour to 55ft of water, middle two Lat and Long are 10-57.  Planner boards are working the best, running Hotlips back 175 to 200ft back, 10 colour leadcore is working well also.  If you are running riggers fish them deep, same as the dipsys. I also talked to someone that fished down off the Morpeth, which is about 10 miles.



Not to many have been out because of the weather, but the ones that did get out caught some walleyes, the steelhead are still spotty. Same spot 195 degs for 10 to 11 miles at the tip of the rockline. The boats I talked to are running the same program as before.  Looks like the next few days are going to be nice for fishing, so lets get out there!!!!



The weather man has the wind down for the nexted few days so the fishing should be good. The boats yesterday were running in the same area out 210degs in 60ft of water starting on the rockline and trolling out to the tip of it. The fish are still deep, Hotlips back 200ft off the plannerboards, 10 colour leadcore, dipsys back 140 to 150ft and the riggers down around 40ft range.