The fish seem to be scattered from the Point to Dealtown. Thrusday they caught walleye off the Point just inside the rock line, and yesterday they caught fish West up off Dealtown, one boat that came in had 10 walleyes. The boats that were West were running body baits purple and orange down aournd the 50ft range.  Other boats were running dipsys and purple spoons. Looks like the fish are a little deeper, if you are fishing the later afternoon they are coming up, to around the 20ft.



The fishing is picking up. The boats that were out yesterday reported more walleyes, I seen boats with 5 and 6 and the odd steelhead.  They are fishing just the other side of the the rifle range, which is west about 5 miles in 45 to 35 ft of water.  The boat that had 6 walleyes and a steelhead said Pluto (purple) was the hot spoon for them on a 20 jet 100ft back. I also heard that worm harness were working off dipsyes and jets.



It was a great day for fishing, the walleyes are moving down and a few steelhead are out front of the harbour.  No big numbers yet, but they are catching a few walleyes up off Dealtown.  They are using worm harness off 20 jets, back 100ft.  Won’t be long and the fish will be here!!!!