East or West    it does not matter they are catching fish both ways just get out to 55ft -60ft of water, and fish down around the 30ft range.



Salmon / Rainbow   8.84 Trevor Henrick          7th 5.66lbs

Pickerel       6.64 Tom Dunlop                          7th 4.46lbs

Jr. Salmon

Jr. Pickerel  6.30 Roland Johnson

Daily Draw:  Tina Rodger


Silver Bass:  1.04 Chris Vanbemmel



So the weather has not been very good for us the last two days.  But some boats got out today,  a few went to the Point of Pins and did good, fish were down 30 to 40ft, some others went to the horse shoe but it was rough, they aslo caught there fish.


Salmon / Rainbow   8.24Lbs  Paul Wicks  Sarnia

Pickerel       5.74Lbs   Bernie Caudle  Sarnia

Jr. Salmon

Jr. Pickerel

Daily Draw:  Paul Wicks


Silver Bass:




Everything seems to be set up as it has been for the few years, head (230 to horse shoe)  60ft of water and start fishing. The boats that fished this morning all do very well, like back in 2 to 3 hours.

And there are no steelhead yet! I have heard of like 5 or 6 caught.