The walleyes are still in the same spot, 220 degs out to 55ft feet of water and fish out to 60ish. They say they are running dipsys back 120 to 100 feet on a 2 setting, and there is no ones colour hotter than the other.



Well no one has fished for the last four days because of wind, but there are all going out today.  Everyone one is heading to the horse shoe so I will give a update when they come in.



They are fishing everywhere, some boats are East off the Point of Pins, others out at the horse shoe. and some even straight out.

Derby 2022

Salmon 13.38 lbs   Yvonne McCormick

Pickerel 9.42 lb Colin Renders

Jr Board

Salmon  10.74 Isabelle Veldman

Pickerel  7.26lb Oscar Anderson Erieau

Sheephead 10.56lb  Joan Garside

Silver Bass 2.16 Max Veldman

Daily Draw Conner Doom