Well Saturday is the Big Day for the 37th annual derby to start, I hope that all the weather station are wrong.  We fished last night and picked a few Walleyes up around the white stake off the Point of Pins, the bait fish is loaded in there.  I still think the fish are West and are coming down.



They picked up some Walleyes last night East of the harbour.  Started in 29ft of water 2 miles East and trolled to the white stake off the Point of Pins. They ended up with 10 walleyes and caught them all off the plannerboards, running long A bombers and thunder sticks, back 85ft, blue and silver were the best colours.  The 37th annual derby starts Saturday, get them hooks sharpened up and catch the $3000.00 fish!!!


Good Fishin’


The fish are coming in nicely. Gary Rogers came in an hour after setting up south of the point in 68 feet of water yesterday. He caught 6 steel-head and 2 walleye off the plainer boards and riggers only 12 feet down using Silver Streak spoons.