The weather is not the greatest today but the fishing is still hot. Locals have reported catching steelhead east of the point of pins in 40-50 feet of water or SW of the channel at the horse shoe in 50-60 feet of water where they’re catching a few walleye. The spoons that seem to be working the most efficient are the Jerry Lee’s and the new pink back spoons. The body baits that seem to be doing the trick are the purple bombers, tail dancers, and hot lips and the fire tiger and craw dad hot lips as well.



Wow it was hot yesterday, and so was the fishing.  The boats did really well on the steelhead.  They are still fishing East off the Point of Pins in 55 to 60ft of water, the fish seem to be in the top 25ft of the water, so run everything up higher.  The new pink back spoons seem to be working well and the Old JerryLee is still catching fish. Some boats also went SW out towards the Rockline and caught some walleyes, they were fishing in 50ft of water, the fish were deeper there they said like 35ft to 40ft down.



The steelhead fishing is really good, the boats are head East out past the Point of Pins. Running the riggers down around 30ft and also using a slider.  The dispsys are running back 80 to 100ft on a 3 setting, and if you are running planner boards they were using 30 jetdivers back 100ft. The colours seem to be all over, but purple (Kevorkian) and orange seem to be the more commend. There are still the odd boat heading West to catch walleye, they are starting inside in 30ft of water and trolling out to the rockline, Planner boards  with boadybaits and dipsys are working up there.