Well the weather has not been on your side the last few days.  But the few boat that went out this week caught some fish at the Point of Pins white stake, and trolling south out to 55ftof water. The fish seem to be in the top 25ft of the water.  As for spoon colours still the copper is the best.



The fishing is good everyone did ever well yesterday. They caught fish straight out South and East at the White Stake off the Point. Dipsyes back 140 on a 3 setting, downriggers down around the 30ft mark. Copper spoons seem to be working the best.



Well they caught the fish yesterday, it appears they have arrived. The boats were straight out South (180 deg) 60ft of water.  Dipsys were working the best back 140 on a 3 setting and 100 on a 2 setting.  The Hot Spoon was a Daphne, purple and white mini streak. They also caught a few steelhead, up high in the top 20ft.