The fishing picked up yesterday, they caught lots of steelhead and walleyes 3 to 4 miles South of the harbour.  They were fishing up in the top 20ft, some were running 3 colour leadcore, dipsys back 50 to 75 on 3 setting, and riggers down around the 25ft,  pink spoons and Jerry Lee seem to be what they are talking about.

Leader Board

Salmon : Peter Lubbers 9.02lbs Rainbow

Pickerel: Mark Dicarlo 8.99lbs

Jr. Board

Salmon: Daniel Rodger  11.23lbs Rainbow

Pickerel: Cohen McDougall  7.89lbs

Sheephead: Brad Kugum  4.87lbs

Silverbass: Rob Stewart  2.06lbs

Daily Draw:  Keegan Cahill  Ilderton




Well the steelhead have arrived, they are fishing South of the harbour about 4 miles, and also East towards the Point of Pins, With the a few Walleyes mixed in. Dipsys on a 3 setting back 50 to 70ft , also they are fishing in the top 15ft off the planerboards Jerry Lee, Confused Ho, seem to be the spoon today.



The west wind has made the lake pretty choppy the last few days but they’re still catching fish. The walleye fishing is still hit or miss with some boats bringing back 3-4 good ones, but the walleye are still west. Jerry Lee and Blue Whale are the hot spoons right now. The steelhead fishing has really picked up out past the point of pins with many boats hitting their limit the past couple days. The bass fishing has been pretty good in the bay and in the lake out east of the channel these first few days of bass season – yellow frog live targets have been working in the bay.