No fishing happening today with the heavy wind, but a heads-up about fishing licenses: Our fishing license machine is down so we cannot print or sell any until we receive the new machine. If you need a fishing license you can go to www.ontario.ca/page/fishing and purchase one yourself as always.



So the fish are still straight out to 55ft of water and troll out to 65ft there are a lot of walleyes there. They are also running SW 230 deg out to the horse shoe and catching a mixed bag there. Both spots are running the same program witch has not changed all year, dipsys on a 2 setting back 90 to 110ft and the riggers down around 35ft, if you running planner boards, 40 jet drivers back 110ft. You really want to fish the 35 foot range.



The fishing is still great, they are heading out 140 to 160 deg South and start fishing in 55ft of water and troll out to 65ft.  Running the same program, riggers down around the 35ft range, dipsys back 90 on a 2 setting, and if you are running plannerboards 30 or 40 jets back 100 to 120ft. Some boats are still running West as there are more steelhead up there.