The fishing is really good, 175 deg out of the horbour just at the Rockline which is 72ft of water.  The boat I was talking to had 12 steelhead and 17 walleyes, and plannerboards with Hotlips back 165, also dipsys with orange coloured spoons were the best.



The fish have moved or a new school of them have moved in. The charters are running 200deg out of the horbour out along the West side of the Rockline, stating at the Horseshoe and trolling out to the Tip of the Rock.  Hard to believe but Hotlips are still the best lure out there, they are running them back 160 to 190ft, dipsyes are catching a few fish, with orange spoons.



Well well well, talk to 5 or 6 different boats that fished yesterday and they all did good, but all fished in different areas. One boat was SW 230 deg for 10 miles and caught walleyes and lost 3 steelhead, another was straight out along the west side of the rockline and took 18 walleyes. Other boats fished the 130deg and did OK, well the last boat went to Morpeth and caught some walleyes in 30ft of water. Seems like there are all over.Orange coloured spoons were the mosted used.