Grand Prize Board

Salmon: Joann Gault of St. Clair Shores – 7.9lb. 27.5in Rainbow

Pickerel: Andrew Hegedus of Norwich – 10.95lb. 29.5in.

Junior Board

Salmon: Cohen McDougall of Blenheim – 5.75lb. 27.5in Rainbow

Pickerel: Laurin Ainsworth of Erie Beach – 9.52lb. 29.75in

Daily Draw

Yuonne McCormick of Erie Beach


Phong Pham of London – 13.08lb. 31.25in


Wow the fishing is awesome, everything is West passed the rifle range in 50ft to 45ft of water. Nothing has changed, Hotlips, Taildancers anything that dives 20 down is working, back 75ft off the planner boards were the best yesterday.  Dipsys back 75ft also on a 3 setting with black and silver spoons.  There are lots of boats out, so make sure to watch out for each other.

Grand Prize Board:

Salmon – Greg Seifreid  7.05lbs

Pickerel – Bob Demaray Jr  10.55lbs

Junior Board:

Salmon – Mitch Formiller 4.69lbs

Pickerel – Bryce Smith  9.48lbs

Daily Draw

John Grady


Phong Phan  13.08lbs



There must have been 200 boats that left from the marina today. Most everyone who came in to see us after fishing this morning limited out on the pickerel. Trent McDoogal caught 30 fish and the charters all did well.