Well the first day of the derby was great, lots of boats on the water and there were no waves. So most of the fish I heard being caught was at or around the Point of Pins, from 40ft to 60ft of water. I heard fishing the top 15ft early in the morning, then they moved down to the 20s.  Dipsys back 100ft on a 3, 75 back on a 2.  Riggers down 25 to 35ft.

Rainbow; 6.17lbs    Ben Grywacheski

Walleye; 8.07ibs Yvonne McCormick

Jr.Salmon;   No Entry

Jr Walleye; 6.86lbs Ryder Tracy

Sheephead ;5.72lbs  Chris Smith

SilverBass; 1.23lbs Kyden Nevills

Daily Draw;  Dan Mifflin



So The 39th Annual Derby starts tomorrow and the fishing is getting good.  Some boats were fishing East of the White (Black) Stake in 50ft of water and other boats were SW to the horseshoe. Plannerboard were working at the Point and Dipsys back 100ft on a 2 out at Horse Shoe.



The fishing is getting better very day, they have moved towards the west. They have been going straight out, and up behind the rifle range in 40ft of water.  Planner Boards with bodybaits off them have been the best,  because the fish are in the top 20ft of the water, So fish Hi!!