Well no one got out today, but yesterday the boats did Ok. They were running SE out to 72ft of water middle two 10/46.  40 jets back 140ft, riggers down 30ft and running sliders took some fish, dipsys back 110ft on a 3 setting, yup and copper and orange is still the best colour spoons. Also hotlips were taking some fish back 150ft, blue and silver was the best for them.



After that East wind and rain until 2 oclock yesterday some boats got out and did the afternoon fish. They did OK, they also said the steelhead are porposing out there, so I hope that means we will catch them today up high. Boats running 90degs East to 140degs SE, but stay in the 50 to 60ft of water, running dipsys back 100 to 110ft back on a 3 setting. Orange and Purples were working well yesterday.



Well so much for the nice weekend, Sunday looks good.  Boats seem to be all over the place, but most of them are East 100 to 120degs out until you hit 65ft of water just over the rockline, there is mixed bag of steelhead and walleyes The fish seem higher running the dipsys back 90 to 110ft on a 3 setting and on no certain colours.  Planner boards with hotlips back 120ft to 150ft, some boats are also running leacore and catching fish.