Well it has been windy, only a few charters went out on Thursday and they still caught the fish, and Friday was a blow day. Still East at the white stake and trolling East. When they come in today we will give you more info.



The fishing is still really good. The boats started at the White stake (Point of Pins) and trolled East about 3 miles, that was the area yesterday. They caught a good mixed bag but more walleye than steelhead. Running the same program, 30 jet divers off the planner boards back 60 to 80 ft, Dipsys back 50 to 70ft on a 2 setting, and the rigger down around the 30ft mark.



Well they found the fish just East of the piers, about 1 mile. So go straight out to 50ft of water and troll East to the white stake at the Point of Pins. Downriggers 30ft down and dipsys back 60ft on a 2 setting. The fish were between the Light House and the White Stake.