The walleye fishing is still very hot, straight out and east off the point of pins. Catching a few steel head out there as well. Same program, all colors seem to be getting fish.



So the fishing is still the same, they are catching lots of Walleyes and a few Steelhead straight out and East to the Point of Pins. Everything seems to be working well. Dipsys and riggers.



Still lots of Walleyes being caught, and a few Steelhead. The Point of Pins and straight out. Same program.


Rainbow; 8.16lb Dieter Decker

Walleye; 10.65lbs Gary Kalita

Jr Rainbow; 6.40lb Jesse Harrison

Jr Walleye; 7.92lbs Tyler Wilcox

Sheephead; 7.58lb Eugene Guenther

Silver Bass; 2.04lb Kayden Nevills

Daily Draw: Craig Anderson