Well the wind gods hit us this weekend. But I talked to one boat that went out and did really well, 10 walleyes and 5 bows. SE to the bottom of the rockilne midlle two #s are 09 01, 65ft of water.  They were running just dipsys and riggers because of the water being so rought. There seems to be lots of fish out there we just need the wind to quit.



Fishing is still really good, a few boats are running a little more West but still out to the Rockline (6 miles)and the others are still heading straight out to 65ft of water(9 miles). Hotlips back 175ft off the plannerboards are working the best. Dipsys are starting up back 150ft on a 2 setting, and 10 colour leadcore.



Nothing has change from the last report, they are fishing the same spot, straight out out to 55ft -60ft of water. Middle two are 10-57 and still doing well on Hotlips back 175ft to 200ft and 10 colour leadcore.  the fish are deep and troll fast, 3 to 3.5mph.