The fish are practically straight out from the harbour. Head out 5 miles on a 200deg bearing, troll to the horseshoe and work that area. They’re running the same program as usual but the fish are a bit deeper.



Boats are heading out southeast 5 miles south of the Point of Pins and trolling east getting lots of walleye. Same program as the last report. Some boats are fishing north along the point and finding a few steelhead.



Well its a blow day, but yesterday they still caught lots of fish. Fishing the same spot South off the Point of Pins just on the rockline. Middle to # 12/48.

Running jet diver 30 and 40s back 100ft, downriggers down around the 30 to 35ft range and dipsy back 90 on a 2 setting.  Orange, copper and pink spoons have been the best colours.  We just received a shipment of mini streaks.