So the fishing is still the same they are heading out 160 deg to 60ft of water and trolling East towards the Point of Pins, catching mostly Walleyes and a few Steelhead. They have been running their dipsys back 100 on a 3 setting, riggers down around 35ft and 30 and 40 jets back 130ft off the boards. We went West last night and fished between Dealtown and Port Crew in 60 ft of water and caught some Steelhead and Walleyes running the same program.



Sorry about the report, but nothing has changed. The boats are running out 180 degs to 45ft of water and fishing out to 60ft. You can also head East and fish towards the Point  of Pins, in that 50ft range. The fish are between 25 and 35 down, and all colours are working.



It seems they are fishing in all directions, they were catching steelhead up and around the Point of Pins (White stake and troll North). 150 degres South just inside the Rock Line was a nice mixed bag, and some boats are still heading West up off Dealtown and catching some. They also started catching perch right in front of the rifle range in 10ft of water, hit or miss.