Not too productive with steelhead or walleye the last two days. Hopefully today is the turnaround day with nice sunshine and a calm Northeast wind at 3kn up until the afternoon. The wind is supposed to shift to a S/SW wind up to 10kn after lunch. Not too many charters went out yesterday however there were some walleye caught 220 degrees at about 60-65ft. Downriggers down at 40ft and dipsies on a 3 setting 130ft back. Try different colours, copper, purple, orange, and blue/silver has been the colours the for the past week.



Well some boats are running West 240 deg and some boats are running 90 deg East they are all fishing in 65 to 70ft of water.  We are not filling the coolers but catching a nice mixed bag.  Fishing West they have been running the same program as all summer, dipsyes back 100 on a 1, 120 on a 2, 140 on a 3, and 160 on a 4. Copper spoons like Jerry Lee and Brown Trout.  We ran downriggers down 42 to 48ft with the same spoons. Some of the charter boats are using the planner boards, and running 40 jets, back 150ft, and 7 to 8 colour leads core.



Everything has been the same as far as where the fish have been for the past week; 135 degrees out of the harbour, around 60ft deep, and using a dipsy/spoon program. Numbers are decent coming in. Today it seems that winds are from South/Southwest varying from 6-9 knots before lunch, then picking up to 13 knots through the afternoon into the evening.