Well it is the start of the derby, and the fishing is great.  They are fishing everywhere, off the Point of Pins is working, straight out to 55ft and West 230 degs for about 10 miles. Not sure what they are doing off the Point but West the fish are deeper around the 40ft range.



The fishing is starting to get better.  Some boats are still running West to Dealtown and using body baits off planner boards, others are running 220 deg to the Horseshoe and fishing that 65 ft of water, using dispys and riggers.   The fish seem to be deeper out there, I heard riggers down 40 and dispys back 115 on a 2 setting.



Well the fishing is about the same, still running West down to the Riffle Range and start fishing in about 30ft of water. They are using body baits off the planner boards back 100ft.  Troll West towards Dealtown, you can also troll in to 20ft and out to 35ft.