Well we have moved back from the horseshoe. I had some boats go straight out to 50 ft of water and trolling to the White Stake and caught there walleyes, I fished 1 miles South of the white stake and trolling out to 70 ft and we caught your walleyes and the other boats are running more East towards the gas lines in 58ft of water and they took there walleyes.  For us the best was a dispys 140 on a 3 setting the fish at the point were down around the 45 ft range.



Well they have moved again, they are fishing out at the little horse shoe (175 deg) 65ft of water about 10 miles, also South of the big horseshoe. You should be fishing over the contour line in the mud. The fish are deeeep like 60 ft down on the riggers and dipsys back around 150 – 160 ft on a 2 setting.



Looks like great fishing weather this weekend, and lots of walleyes.  East around the Point of Pins the middle two numbers are 18/48 just before the gas lines.  The same program dipsys back 110 on 2 setting riggers down  around 40ft.