It is a little windy today, but they found some fish yesterday.  Head 220deg to 55ft of water middle two numbers 58/09, they picked up some walleyes here.  Same program with the dipsyes and riggers, but 8 colour leadcore was good also, orange and copper spoons were the ticket there. Also just SE of the gas wells in Port Alma middle two 05/05 in 70ft of water, they picked up a mixed bag walleyes and Steelhead, running the dipsyes and riggers, blue and silver was the colour there.



Well we had one boat come in with 10 walleyes and 2 steelhead.  He was West is all I got, when I get more info I will post. I am thinking he was using worms off the dipsys.  The charter boats are running West 230 to 65ft of water and catching a few walleyes and the odd steelhead.



Not too productive with steelhead or walleye the last two days. Hopefully today is the turnaround day with nice sunshine and a calm Northeast wind at 3kn up until the afternoon. The wind is supposed to shift to a S/SW wind up to 10kn after lunch. Not too many charters went out yesterday however there were some walleye caught 220 degrees at about 60-65ft. Downriggers down at 40ft and dipsies on a 3 setting 130ft back. Try different colours, copper, purple, orange, and blue/silver has been the colours the for the past week.