Friday afternoon they picked up some walleyes off the Point in 65ft of water, using dipsys back 90ft with orange spoons (Jerry Lee).  I also talked to a few boats that went SW over the Rockline in 72ft of water and picked up some Walleyes, they said the bait was thick. The East wind on Saturday was just a little to much of some fishermen.



We had boats go East and West yesterday and picked up some fish.  The boats that went East to the Point picked up a few Steelhead, the boats that went West behind the Rifle Range in 45ft of water, took a few walleyes. The walleyes were caught on body baits back 100ft off the planner boards, the steelhead were caught on dipsys and spoons back 100ft also. We had some big bug hatches this week so the steelhead should be on the surface picking at them, so try fishing high like 10ft down.



For being overcast yesterday and East winds a few boats went out.  I seen one with 6 steelhead SW of the harbour 60ft of water fishing up high, like top 15ft. Other boats were fishing West by the rifle range in 30ft of water using body baits and catching a few walleyes.