Still the same the Walleye fishing is crazy, they are fishing straight south in 40ft and 65ft of water, East off the Point of Pins starting in 50ft of water and West up off the Horse Shoe in 65ft of water.  I am sure they are every where. Riggers down around the 30ft range, Dipsys back 100ft on a 2 setting and 40ft jets back 100ft off the plannerboards seem to be the most common, as for the hot colour they are all working well. They are picking up a few Steelhead mostly off the Point in 60ft



The walleye fishing is still very hot, straight out and east off the point of pins. Catching a few steel head out there as well. Same program, all colors seem to be getting fish.



So the fishing is still the same, they are catching lots of Walleyes and a few Steelhead straight out and East to the Point of Pins. Everything seems to be working well. Dipsys and riggers.