The fishing is still really good, nothing has changed. Fishing straight out in 55-70 feet of water and fishing deep, 40 feet down. All colors are working fantastic.



The fishing is still amazing. Most boats are running straight out to 55-65 feet of water and trolling east to west. Still running dipsys 75-100 feet back on a 3 setting. No color seems to be performing better then the next, mainly using purples/pinks and oranges. Still some steelhead around the point in the colder water, same program.



The fishing seems to be getting better, most of the boats are running 210 to 55ft of water and trolling out towards the rock line (horseshoe). They are using dipsys back 75 to 100 ft with orange and purple spoons, riggers down around 35ft are working also. Some boats are fishing the Point of Pins (white stake) and picking up a few Steelhead, running the same program.