07-05-22 0

Today is not a good day for fishing, but it has been good.  I keep saying this but nothing has changed. Lots of walleyes out to the horse shoe (220)  to 70ft of water, the fish are a little deeper out there. Some are fishing straight out 55 to 60 feet of water and catching a few.  They are also picking up a few Steelhead around the Point of PIns towards Morpeth.

Derby 2022

Salmon 13.38 lbs   Yvonne McCormick

Pickerel 7.72lbs Kayden Nevills

Jr Board

Salmon  8.12 lb Easton Smith

Pickerel  7.26lb Oscar Anderson Erieau

Sheephead 9.80lb Matt McCormick

Silver Bass

Daily Draw Larry Garside