Well they found the fish today16/47 middle tow numbers, head East around the Point of Pins then just alittle North. The boats are coming in with good mixed bags,They were in 55 to 60ft of water, they were running the same program, dipsys back 110 to 120 on a 3 setting, 40 jet divers back 160ft and 30 jet divers back 190ft.  The fish on the riggers were coming from 28ft down with a slider.  There is no one colour spoon, but orange and copper seem to be the most talked about.



Well after the big North wind we have had, seems like they are still picking a few fish up at the 11/47 number SE of the harbour 70ft of water.  I just had one boat come in and he had 5 walleyes and 2 steelhead. We need to get some more boats out fish to find them, hope to have a better report for Wednesday.



Welll the weather man screwed that up!! They caught some fish yesterday in the same spot, 11 over 46 SE of the harbour. They were running the same program as the day before Jet Divers and Hotlips off the boards back 150ft, and the Dipsyes back 110 to 130ft back on a 3 setting.