Well if you head 130deg out of the horbour and start fishing just over the rockline in about 72ft of water that is the place to start.  Some boats are starting there and trolling East along that line.  Dipsys back 100 on a 3 setting, 75 on a 2 setting Jerry Lee was the best colour, riggers are also taking fish down around 35 ft. If you are running planner boards hotlips back 150ft.  They are picking up a a few steelhead in with the walleyes.



The charter boats did well yesterday, SE about 10 miles just over the Rock Line in 75ft of water.  They are running Hotlips back 150ft and Dipsys back 150ft also.  Seems the fish are deeper out there, they are catching them in the 40 to 50ft range. Purple was the colour yesterday!!



Well no one fished yesterday because of the weather it was a little windy.  The boats are running SE to 75ft of water and catching some walleyes with the odd steelhead.  Hotlips back 150ft are still working well.  Some people are running dipsys back 150ft and catching some fish also on red and purple spoons.