Well well the fishing East has ended, the boats that went there didn’t catch any fish. So I would say go back to the Rockline 230deg SW to 60ft and start there.  Soon as I hear we will post.



The fishing has been still very good, heading east off the point and trolling east and heading to the horseshoe and trolling the contour line. There is no color working better then another, most people are just using their favorite lures and nailing them. Spoons and body baits seem to be working the best with few guys using worm harnesses still.



The fishing is still awesome, they are in two different spots know. Some boats are running 230 deg out to the horse shoe/ rockline and some are running East 90 until 60 of water. Body baits off the planner boards are working well (hotlips, taildancers), stuff to get down to 25ft. Dipsys back 90 to 100 ft on a 2 setting, there is no one colour working better than a other.