Still catching a lot of steelhead and a few Walleyes, in the same area East of the Point, in 65ft of water and running the same program. Reds, Orange and Purples are all working. See use on Facebook for some pics.



The fishing was good again yesterday, the boats are still all running East until you hit the rockline, this will put you in the area.  They were fishing the riggers down at 30ft and the dipsys back 80ft on a 1 setting, still catching some on the hotlips back 150ft.



Well it has been cool the last couple of morning, but a few boats have went out, and are still catching fish.  They are in the same spot, East for about 8 miles just at the rockline. Middle two are 44/13.  The fish are still higher in the top 30ft and orange, and red seem to be the best colours the last few days.