Well after the 3 days of wind, yesterday was ok the boats seem to get there fish.  If you headed out to the horse shoe you caught your fish but took a little longer, and some white perch have moved in.  Some of the guys that went straight out caught there limits but took longer. Another group fished SE just over the rockline and did good also, the fish here seened deeper riggers around 55 to 55ft down.



So the walleye fishing still really good, they are fishing the same spots, straight out to 60ft of water and 220 degs to (horse shoe) to 65 ft of water. As for the bows they catching a few, as one boat will have four and others don’t get any, they are not set up yet.



Well the reason I have not updated is the fishing is so good, and nothing has really changed. Same spots Straight out to 55ft to 60ft of water and 220 deg to wards the horseshoe 55 to 60ft of water.