Well with the Derby starting tomorrow, some fish finally moved in.  They caught some straight out in 55ft of water and also the Horse Shoe, which is like 220 deg out of the harbour SW. Both spots they are saying the fish are deeper, like 30ft to 40ft down.  If you want to go to the Point of Pins (East)  you can pick up a couple steelhead, the water is really cold down there.



Well the weather sure is looking good for the weekend, hoping we can get out and find more fish,  It has been a slower start but they are catching a few.  The walleyes they are catching were up West from Rifle range to Dealtown, and some out at the horse shoe.  I heard of a couple some steelhead off the Point Of Pins. The Walleyes should be moving down the Lake soon, as the Western basin heats up.



well the fishing is still OK, couple of the bigger boats ran out to the little horse shoe (175 deg to 65ft of water), and did well.  Another boat fished south of the Point aux Pins and caught a few in 57 to 60 ft of water running the baits down around the 35-40 range.