Not to many boats went out yesterday but the ones that did caught some fish. They went SE 150deg out to the rockilne, there is two boats still fishing West. The ones that went SE did really well like 14 to 20 fish each boat. Dipsys back 140ft on a 3 and riggers down around 40ft were working the best, they even caught a few steelhead there.



The fishing was a little tuff yesterday but a couple boats found some SE of the harbour 7 miles, just at the rockline and trolled East. Be careful if you go around the Point there are some nets down there. They were fishing deeper to, 10 colour leadcore, dipsyes back 130 on a 3 setting and riggers down around 38ft, Hotlips are still taking a few fish also but back 200ft.  Two captains just come it and said the took their walleyes West 240deg. Looks like there are pockets of them all over, if you find them mark it and fish that spot.



They moved a little deeper, out to 60ft of water. Head out on a 220 deg for about 7 miles should put you on the edge of the rockline, we call it the bottom of the horseshoe.  They ran the same thing Hotlips back 150ft, dipsyes back 130ft on a 3setting, and riggers down in the 35ft range. They have been picking up a few Steelhead out 15 miles at the tip of the rockline also.

Derby Board

Pickerel: Zac George  12.47lbs

Salmon: Gilles Desjardins 18.57lb

Jr Pickerel: Mitch Formiller 10.78lbs

Jr Salmon: Ben Rhodes 12.28lbs

Biggest SilverBass: Gilles Desjardins 2.19lbs

Sheephead :  Fred Heinz 11.14lb

Daily Prize; John Mcilory

Big Fish Bonus:Gilles Desjardins 18lb King july 13th, Heather Reid walleye 10.30lbs July 12th Zac George 12.47  Walleye July 6th and Anthony Moreschini July 7th  $50 bucks cash!!

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