So the best fishing this weekend was 210 deg 60ft of water, catching lots of walleyes and a few steelhead, running the same program as all summer.



The Walleye fishing is still the same (Awesome) with a few Steelhead in the mix. Some of the smaller boats are fishing in the 40ft range and catching them, but the best is to get out to 60 -65 feet of water. South West 210 deg, straight out or off the Point of Pins is all good. Really doesn’t madder what you are using as long as you are fishing between the 20 and 50 foot range. Looks like the weather is going to be a great for the next two days for fishing.



Well the last two mornings have been cool but a little breeze.  With the NE you can’t get that far off shore but they are still picking up some in 40-45ft of water. You head out a 210 – 215 and stop about 2 -3 miles, start there.  When it claims down around noon, head out to the 65 ft that is were the Mother Load is.