Well they caught the fish yesterday, it appears they have arrived. The boats were straight out South (180 deg) 60ft of water.  Dipsys were working the best back 140 on a 3 setting and 100 on a 2 setting.  The Hot Spoon was a Daphne, purple and white mini streak. They also caught a few steelhead, up high in the top 20ft.



Well I see some fish yesterday, few walleyes and a few steelhead. Fishing East off the white stake, with 3 colour lead core up high.  The water is getting warm know its up to 64 so they should be starting anytime.



There has been a few boats out but the fishing is not the best just yet.  It should pick up here in the next week with the heat.  They are catching a few perch in the bay, just out of the channel.