Well the fishing was a little slow yesterday morning at the white stake. I a boat run SE about 10miles and fished 75ft of water and caught 8 waleyes and 2 steelhead last night. He was running dipsy with pink and red spoons, down around the 50ft range, so they were a long ways back. Tomorrow looks like a good day for fishing, see ya out there.



Well the fishing has been ok.  The boats are running East to the Point of Pins were the white stake is, and start there. You will have troll around and find them, and there are using Hotlips still and Dipisy.



Well some boats have been fishing in the between the wind and rain yesterday. Some boats went West past the rifle range in that 40ft of water and some boats are running East to the white stake off the Point Of Pins, they are running Hotlips and Dipsy Divers back 80to 100ft.