They picked up some Walleyes last night East of the harbour.  Started in 29ft of water 2 miles East and trolled to the white stake off the Point of Pins. They ended up with 10 walleyes and caught them all off the plannerboards, running long A bombers and thunder sticks, back 85ft, blue and silver were the best colours.  The 37th annual derby starts Saturday, get them hooks sharpened up and catch the $3000.00 fish!!!


Good Fishin’


The fish are coming in nicely. Gary Rogers came in an hour after setting up south of the point in 68 feet of water yesterday. He caught 6 steel-head and 2 walleye off the plainer boards and riggers only 12 feet down using Silver Streak spoons.



Friday afternoon they picked up some walleyes off the Point in 65ft of water, using dipsys back 90ft with orange spoons (Jerry Lee).  I also talked to a few boats that went SW over the Rockline in 72ft of water and picked up some Walleyes, they said the bait was thick. The East wind on Saturday was just a little to much of some fishermen.