Just talked to the guys and fishing was good again yesterday, but the walleyes moved out alittle to 55ft of water middle two numbers are 11/57. They took a bunch there on Hotlips and 40 Jets back 140 to 160, and dipsys back 130 on a 3 setting. Another boat started there and trolled East over the rock line and take a nice mixed bag running the same program but his riggers took some fish down at 25ft. Hot Mango and Flamingo were the spoons that were working the best. There seem to be pockets of fish all over the place, I heard of someone picking fish up West also and another boat fish East around the point by the yellow bouys and getting a few. No wind for the nexted 6 days so get out here and fish!!!



They are catching some steelhead at the Point of Pins in 30 to 45ft of water, I heard running a dipsys back 40ft on a 2 setting, they were fishing high. Also fishing East of the point, the steelhead do not seem to be schooled up just yet.  The Walleyes are all over in little pockets its seems, some boats are catch more straight out 190degs of the harbour in 55ft of water, planner boards with hotlips back 100ft are working well there.



There are some steelhead at the Point of Pins middle tow numbers are 15/47 just East of the white stake.  They are fishing up alittle higher, running the Fourty Jets back 110ft and the dipsys back 100ft on 3setting. The riggers seem to be down around the thirty foot range, also using sliders. The water is only 60degs on the surface, and no wind looks like it is going to finally set up.  You will never quess, but Jerry Lee is the spoon!! Hope the weather man is right, it looks like a great weekend.