The charter boats did well yesterday and this morning.  They are running SW 4 to 5 miles 50 to 45 feet of water, Hotlips back 180ft off the boards and running everything else deep deep deep, like riggers down around the 40ft mark. Hope the weather man is wrong for tomorrow, but Sunday looks great.



Not to much to report the last few days, thanks to the wind we have had.  There is two charters out and they are picking walleye up, 2 miles straight out.  Hotlips back 170ft is working the best today.



Fishing has been OK, a lot of boats have been fishing West up between the rifle range and Dealtown in 45 to 35ft and picking up walleyes and the odd steelhead.  There has been some boats heading to the Point of Pins and picking up a few also.  They are alll running the same program with dipsys and riggers, and the body baits off the planner boards.