I know it has been a long winter and everyone is getting excited about going fishing, but they have not moved in just yet.  There has been a few boats out trolling and I  have only heard of one being cuaght, that was on Friday. He caught it up off Dealtown in 40ft on worm harness, trolling slow. They have been catching a few perch in the bay, lots of small ones, but still having fun.



Sorry no reports, no one has been out fishing because of the weather. But today they went out and did Ok, some boats has 7 some had 9.  They were still fishing East 90deg to 70ft of water, and running the same programs.



Well they said the weather was not going to be that nice but, they were wrong again.  The boats are fishing 90degs out past the Point in 55 to 65ft of water and catching fish steelies and walleyes.  They are fishing up hight in the top 30ft, and orange is the hot colour.