Wow lots and lots of boats out there, be sure to watch out of each other.  Sounds like the Walleyes are a little deeper West passed the Rilfe Range in 45ft of water, boats are putting the Hotlips and Taildancers back 150ft.  I just heard of some boats that went East to the Point of Pins picked a few Walleyes and the odd Steelhead  last night. Yesterday we got a call from the Rifle Range, please watch for the RED flag on the West side of the hill, if the flag is up, stay out of the buoys, as they will be shooting.

Grand Prize Board:

Salmon: Jan Nissen of Merlin – 9.13lb. 29.5″ Rainbow

Pickerel: Andrew Hegedus of Norwich – 10.95lb. 29.5″

Junior Board:

Salmon: Lucas Fancy   Rainbow 6.81lbs

Pickerel: Kailen Sobry of Shrewsbury – 10.04lb. 28.75″

Daily Draw: Brian Schoolcraft

Sheephead: Phong Pham of London – 13.08lb. 31.25″