Well there are still boats going out and catch limits of walleyes.  Head straight out to 65ft of water ( 7 miles ) and fish the bottom 15ft they are saying.  Dipsys on a 1 setting back 200ft and 2 setting back 215ft, riggers down around 60ft. The weather looks good for the weekend, the gas dock will be open from 7 to 7 Saturday and Sunday.



So they are running 230 deg SW out to 55ft of water and trolling out to the rockline ( Horseshoe).  The fish seem to be deeper, but they are still running the same colours and program as all year, just fish deeper around the 40ft range. Have not found any steelhead yet!!



The fish are practically straight out from the harbour. Head out 5 miles on a 200deg bearing, troll to the horseshoe and work that area. They’re running the same program as usual but the fish are a bit deeper.